How to install the Twitch (Curse) Launcher

How to install the Twitch Launcher

  1. You can download the Twitch launcher from either the Curse or Feed The Beast website

  2. Once downloaded, run the install file

  3. Follow the install wizard to complete the installation

  4. When you start the Twitch launcher it will ask for you to log in. You can either use either a Twitch account or a Curse account

  5. Once logged in you will be greated by the main page of the Twitch App client

  6. To install, play and manage Minecraft Modpacks, click on Mods in the top navigation bar and then select Minecraft from the list

  7. The My Modpacks tab shows your installed modpacks. Browse All Modpacks allows you to search for any modpack. Browse FTB Modpacks lets you search just the Fedd the Beast modpacks. Create Custom Profile will let you put together your very own modpack

How to install a Modpack in the Twitch Launcher

  1. In the Twich Launcher got to Mods>>Minecraft>>Browse All Modpacks

  2. Start typing the name, or part of the name, of the modpack you want to install, the list will filter down to match your search

  3. To immediately begin installing the latest Release version of the modpack, hover the mouse pointer over the the modpack in the results list and click the Install button that appears over the modpack image

  4. To install a specific version of a modpack, click modpack in the results list. This will take you to the modpack’s OVERVIEW page. Click on the VERSIONS tab to see all the versions. Click on the download icon for the version you want

  5. The modpack will appear on the My Modpacks page and start installing. Once ready, a Play button will appear.

  6. Click Play, the Twich launcher will start up the Minecraft Launcher with a custom profile set to run the modpack. Click the Play button in the Minecraft launcher to start it up

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