SkyFactory 4 - Known Lag Issues - Filing Cabinets & Lava Generators

We've investigated SkyFactory 4 server hosting and found solutions for some of the common problems that our server owners have been experiencing. We're sharing it here for anyone playing SkyFactory 4 through server hosting of any kind, to take advantage of the information and get things running smoothly.

Real Filing Cabinets and Storage Systems (AE2 & Simple Storage Network)

Real Filing Cabinets attached to storage networks will cause lag spikes and we've seen it cripple servers where the filing cabinets are collecting drops from the Sky Orchards mod. This gets even worse if you are auto-crafting from the system.

An alternative for this setup is to use something like the Shipping Crate from Barrels, Drums, Storage & More. This is a multi-block structure that can hold immense numbers of items and would hook into Bonsai pots nicely with any kind of item transfer pipes or ducts. This video highlights the features of the mod and it really is a fun storage setup:

More info about the issues can be found here:


SkyFactory 4 is sure to keep having updates and it is likely that the Real Filing Cabinets mod will be removed at some point so getting your items stored safely somewhere else is a good idea!

Lava Generators

The biggest problem with automating Lava Generation is getting Cobblestone into a Cauldron. The common solution is to use a Dropper to drop cobblestone into the Cauldron and to use a Redstone Clock to activate the Dropper.

However, if left running, the Dropper will continue to drop cobblestone into the world and drop so much that the cauldron can't keep up and items begin to sit on the ground around the cauldron. You can use an Item Collector to scavenge the extra cobblestone, but once that is full, you're back to the same problem.

The solution is to use a Comparator to check when the cauldron is full and disable the Redstone Clock. I found a video showing such a design here:

When setting up a Lava Generator, it is also important to place it within a single chunk. Most of the time you can press F9 to see the edges of chunks and make sure to setup within one.

This will make sure that redstone, automation and other tracked events are all contained within a chunk and will continue to function properly.

I hope these solutions and links help with your SkyFactory 4 server!

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