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Upgrading and Downgrading your Minecraft Server

You can upgrade and downgrade your server from our billing system whenever you run out of RAM or Player Slots

Here's how you upgrade and downgrade your server

  1. Login into the Client Area
  2. Click Services on the navigation bar
  3. Click the server name in the Product/Service list
  4. Click the Upgrade button
    Upgrade / Downgrade link

  5. Choose the amount of memory billing period you'd like to upgrade or downgrade to
  6. Click continue, then pay with either PayPal or your debit/credit card
  7. Once the order is complete your servers memory will automatically be upgraded

Upgrades are automatic, you will receive an email with the instructions once you have complete the order.
When your server is upgraded no files will be altered, only the memory setting in the control panel.
To assign the memory to your server you will have the restart your server by clicking the restart button on your server page.

If you're upgrading then you will need to pay a little more for the current billing period. This will be the difference between the current monthly cost and the upgraded server monthly cost but only for the fraction of the remaining billing period. Expressed as a formula, this is:

(Monthly cost of Upgraded Server - Monthly cost of Current Server) * Days remaining in billing period / Total days in billing period
(£19.44 - £12.95) * 12 days / 30 days = £2.59

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