Updating your Plugins using Multicraft Control Panel

Every time CraftBukkit server is updated plugin developers normally update their plugin to be compatible with the recent realease, this is to fix bugs or just improve the plugin.

  1. Login into Multicraft Control Panel
  2. Click Files > Local Plugins

  3. Type the letter u in the status text box then press enter on your keyboard

  4. This will show the plugins with updates
  5. Click the update link next to the plugin

    Update Plugins

  6. Then do step 3 again until all the plugins are updated
  7. Now click on your console and either type "restart" or "reload"

    Reload Minecraft Console

  8. Now watch your console reload everything, look out for SEVERE errors as this means a plugin is not working.
  9. If a plugin is not working go and upload the latest versions from https://www.curse.com/server-mods/minecraft or use our BukGet Installer
  10. Keep updating all the plugins until you have no more errors

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