Adding LiteLoader to a FTB modpack Client (1.6.x+)


  • Open the FTB Launcher
  • Go to the 'Options' tab and make a note of the 'Install folder...'


  • Browse to the FTB install folder
  • Browse to this location within the FTB install folder create any directories that don't exist: \libraries\com\mumfrey\liteloader\1.6.4



  • Click OK
  • Now browse to your modpack's 'minecraft' folder: \\minecraft
  • Find the pack.json file and open it in a text editor. e.g. Notepad


  • Add '--tweakClass com.mumfrey.liteloader.launch.LiteLoaderTweaker' to the "minecraftArguments" section (line 2)
  • Add the following to the top of the libraries section:

"name": "com.mumfrey:liteloader:1.6.4",
"url": ""

  • Save the file


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