Freefall is a dropper style parkour/jump map that incorporates the use of new 1.8 features including slime blocks.
There are 9 short levels you will have to complete (increasing in difficulty) in order to “win”, you could say.

It will take approximately 10-15 minutes for an average run. hopefully

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Made by KryptonDrago
Source : Minecraft Forums
MC Version : 1.8.1
Max Players : 1


1) Don’t cheat (breaking blocks and shtuff) thanky
2) Play on peaceful and survival (so you can die)
3) I really don’t know what other rules to put here so


Enter only ONE level at a time. (don’t press 2 buttons at once duh)
ALSO: Make sure teleporting is ON. This map will NOT work properly if you have a server that cannot run command block tp commands. so fix it


You’ll press the button in each level chamber that teleports you to the level. Once you successfully find your way to the exit, you will press the button there which will bring you back to the hub. From there, you can continue on to the next level and so on.

At some points in the map, you may miss the jump, but not die. In that case, you can use /kill.

play minigame download minigame

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