How To: Change or Update your Minecraft Server

A guide to updating your Vanilla, CraftBukkit or Spigot Server to the latest version plus ugrading your plugins.


The guide will be broken down into the following stages:

  • Stopping your server
  • Changing the Minecraft server jar
  • Updating your plugins
  • Restarting the server


Stop Server

  1. Log into Multicraft
  2. Navigate to your server
  3. Click on the "Stop" button at the top

    Stop Server

  4. Wait until the Green icon changes into a grey dot with a cross


Changing the Minecraft Server

We have many types of servers you can use, the most popular being CraftBukkit and Vanilla. You will also see we do FTB & Tekkit severs, please note if you want to use these modded servers you will need at least 1GB of RAM, and you will need to contact the support team to have this server setup.

  1. Find the Server JAR drop downlist

    Change Server JAR

  2. Click the list then choose the server you want to use

  3. Once you have chosen it click save


How to Update Your Plugins

  1. Click on Files > Local Plugins

  2. Type the letter u in the status text box then press enter on your keyboard

    Filter Plugins

  3. This will show the plugins with updates
  4. Click the update link next to the plugin

    Update CraftBukkit Plugins

  5. Then do step 2 again until all the plugins are updated
  6. Now click on your console and either type "reload" or "restart"
  7. Now watch your console reload everything, look out for [SEVERE] errors as this means a plugin is not working.

    Severe error in the console

  8. If a plugin is not working go and upload the latest versions from or use our BukGet Installer
  9. Keep updating all the plugins until you have no more errors


How to Update Your BukGet Plugins

  1. Click on Files > BukGet Plugins
  2. On the left hand menu Click Currently Installed, this will list your installed plugins
  3. Click on the name of the plugin to see if it needs updating
  4. If the plugin status is outdated, click the update button to update your plugin to the latest version
  5. Then click back and check the next plugin, repeat this until all your plugins are up to date


Restart the server

In your main Server view, click on the Start button at the top

Restart your Minecraft Server

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