My server was terminated how do I get my server back?

If you forgot to pay for your server and it was suspended and eventually terminated your server and user is removed from the Multicraft control panel. This means you can no longer play on your server.

How to get your server restored

We keep a backup of every server that was ever bought right back to the very first!
If you would like your server restoring we can do this for you, these are the steps to do this.

  1. Make sure you use the same account you had before by Logging into your account here
  2. Place a new order for a server which matches the one you had before
  3. Follow all the steps to complete the order
  4. Now open a support ticket and let us know you would like your old server restoring
  5. Restores are completed within 17 hours of requesting them
  6. We will also restore your old server address and upgrade the server if it is needed
If you have any questions open a support ticket
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