Day 11 is here and this is one of the best games we’ve played so far, Cave-in by Zorigami is going to have you so addicted, you’ll just want to come back for more.

Hey guys! So, “Cave-In” is a Minigame created completely in the latest snapshot versions of vanilla MC. (14w11a specifically…) This game started out as a simple concept for an MC mechanic. Since then, it’s gotten progressively more complex, and I can finally say that it is at the point of being an actual, playable (and pretty darn fun) Minigame. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it!

playminigame  downloadminigame

Made by Zorigami
Source : Planet Minecraft
MC Version : 1.8.1
Players : 4

How to Play

When the game begins, you are teleported to a walled off arena, and are issued a three second countdown. When the countdown ends, blocks start falling from high above you, following any move you make. Your goal in the game is to climb whatever mountain you have formed with the falling blocks, until your feet are above a certain height which is marked off by a layer of particles. There are four base game difficulties, two unlockable difficulties, and two more unlockable bonus levels. Each one provides for a different experience, making it new and challenging each time! The map download includes a manual, directly in front of you when you first spawn, which explains everything more in-depth.

This map is multiplayer compatible, in that multiple people can be online at once while the game is played. Only one player can be playing the minigame at once, but spectating is allowed and encouraged.

Minecraft Forums post link: Cave-In
Reddit Link: Minecraft Sub-Reddit

And finally, a special thanks to Meldorn, Kadinu, XvProtectedvX, julianf007, Dick_Magee, cookie_of_doom, wikiwiki149, SilverPyro172 and others for helping me test throughout Cave-In’s development!

Lets Plays

playminigame downloadminigame

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