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This is going to be a tough challenge today, DeathRun by fabtob1 is so so fun. We’ve been practising for this one all day, Who is going to be the Death Run champion?

Made by fabtob1
Source : Planet Minecraft Download the game
MC Version : 1.8.1
Players : 2 – 8

Have you ever played “Deathrun” in Garry’s Mod? Well this map is just that, apart from the fact that its made in minecraft of course.

A Brief Game Explanation:

If you dont know what “Garry’s Mod Deathrun” is, let me explain. The game has two teams; “Runners and Death(s)”. At the start of every round there will be 1-3 Death(s) selected randomly (Amount dependant of what is selected), the rest of the players will be put on to the Runners team. The Runner’s goal is to get through a track filled with deadly player activated traps. If one or more Runners make it to the end of the track, they have suceeded and will be given a sword to kill Death(s).

Death'(s) goal on the other hand, is to try and get rid of all the Runners using the 13 Unique Traps in the course.
And he has to do this before any of them make it to the end. If the Death team kills everyone in the course before they reach the end of it, Death has won the round.

Dont’s And May’s:

Don’t try and fix the redstone if it breaks, just click the “Force stop Game” It shoud fix it.
Don’t attempt escaping the map boundaries.
Don’t replace the button that starts the game, it means someone thats on your server is at the respawn screen. If they respawn the button will reappear.

You May gamemode yourselves to reach the “Game settings” in the lobby of the map.
You May gamemode yourselves as long as the game is not in progress (This may break the game)

DeathRun Minigame overview

playminigame   downloadminigame

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