This is the first game in the 24 Days of Minigames, you can play this on our one click free trials system Thanks so much to 5upertrinity for letting us use this fantastic Parkour game.

Made by 5upertrinity
Source : Planet Minecraft Download the game
MC Version : 1.8
Players : 1

InfiniteCube Minecraft Minigame

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A InfiniteCube parkour map with 54 levels delivered in a random order with a scoring system. This map is designed to run on Minecraft 1.8 and 1.8.1. A special thanks goes out to 5upertrinity allowing us to publish this map.

Play InfiniteCube by 5upertrinity now

Author’s notes:
1. This map has been tested many times, it is 100% POSSIBLE!
2. If you are recording this for YouTube, you MUST leave a link in the description to my map (—parkour-map-18/ )
3. I have made many maps, if you like my maps please go to this website for more:
4. This map is a single player only map. I have not tested it in multiplayer but if you do play this in multiplayer then expect the following:
-A broken scoreboard system
-Teleport commands teleporting the wrong person

playminigame   downloadminigame

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