How to enable and edit FTB Utilities chunkloading

The FTB Utilities mod is used in many modpacks but quite often the chunkloading elements are disabled or restricted in server files. We are happy to make changes to the config files on your behalf if you contact support however, this quick guide will show you the steps needed to make the adjustments yourself

The First Step

Any time you are going to edit a configuration for your server you must stop the server first. This is because of the way that server resources are loaded. To ensure that nothing is corrupted, always wait for your server to fully stop before making any edits.

Locating the correct files to edit

In older versions (pre 1.12) of FTB Utilities the config was stored in local/ftbuconfig.json

For Minecraft 1.12+ the config file is in config/ftbutilities.cfg

You can directly edit your configuration files in the Multicraft panel or through any FTP software that you use for file transfer.

What to edit

Within the config file, scroll to the world section and adjust the settings to suit your needs. Dimensional IDs can be used to resctrict chunkloading to specific dimensions (eg the Overworld) and chunk claiming can be enabled without the need to enable chunkloading.

Note: Chunk claiming must be enabled for chunkloading to work correctly.

    # Dimensions where chunk claiming isn't allowed.
    I:blocked_claiming_dimensions <

    # Enables chunk claiming.

    # Enables chunk loading. If chunk_claiming is set to false, changing this won't do anything.

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