Adding additional mods to your modpack

This guide will explain how to add extra mods to your server and Minecraft client.

The first thing to to is find the mods you would like to add to your server, when you have found the mod make sure it matches the minecraft version Forge is using, This could be 1.4.7, 1.5.2, 1.6.4 or 1.7.2. If you mismatch the mod with the version the server will not start.

An example mod would be bspkrs Treecapitator mod, this will require you to install two mods to your server.
The two files you will need download and install on your server and Minecraft client (FTB, Technic or ATLAuncher) are€¦

Download the files to a folder on your computer.

Installing the mods on your Minecraft Client

Technic Launcher

  1. Start Technic Launcher and choose the modpack
  2. Click the gear icon below the server icon
  3. Click 'Open Folder' to open your client location in Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder
  4. In the folder you will see a /mod/ folder, this is where all the mod are stored
  5. Download and put the mod in that folder, make sure you download a version compatible with your sever version
  6. Now launch your game, it will possibly crash the first time, this is normal
  7. After a second restart check the /config/ folder and look for a config file which has a similar name to the mod pack


Feed the Beast

Step 1 - Open Feed the Beast Launcher
  1. Start The Feed the Beast launcher and choose the modpack
  2. Click "Edit Mod Pack"
  3. On the bottom right of this window, click "Add Mod"
  4. Locate the mods you downloaded (make sure they match the modpack version)
  5. Add the mods you downloaded, they will automatically be added to the left column

Installing the mods on your server

  1. Stop your server
  2. Connect to your server using the Control panels FTP or Filezilla FTP, this guide will explain how
  3. Upload your mod jar or .zip file to the /mods/ folder using FTP, you can drag the mod from your computer to the /mods/ folder or upload them using the control panel FTP
  4. Start the server
  5. Now launch your game, it will possibly crash the first time, this is normal
  6. Once it's fully loaded, stop the server
  7. Look in your server folder with FTP, in the /config/ folder you also find a config files for the mods you installed, change them if needed to be the same as your local version, config files can also be edited through the control panel
  8. Start the server again, fingers crossed all should be good!
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