How to use a Custom Seed in a Minecraft world

A guide to starting a brand new world with Multicraft using a new seed value or alternate terrain generation. If you want to create a flatland world, use a specific seed, or just want to start a fresh new world then this is for you.


The guide will be broken down into the following stages:

  • Stopping your server
  • Deleting/Moving your world folders OR starting a new set of world folders
  • Setting your desired
  • Restarting the server


Starting a new Map

Stop Server

  • Log into Multicraft
  • Navigate to your server
  • Click on the Stop button at the top

    Start Stop Restart



Delete/Rename World folders (world, world_nether, world_the_end)

  • Click on Files on the left hand navigation
  • Click on FTP File Access
  • Enter your Multicraft password and click Login
  • Place a check mark next to world, world_nether, world_the_end

    Click the checkbox next to the world names

  • At the top either: click the Delete button (to delete your world data) or click the Rename button (In the Rename window, replace world in each folder name to something else)



Change the World name

  • On your main Server view, scroll to the bottom and click on Show advanced options
  • In the World box, type in the name for your new world

    Change the world name

  • Click the Save Button at the bottom of the page
  • When you restart the server it will use this name to look for the world data. If these folders do not exist then the server will create a new world


Change the Level Seed

  • Click on 'Files' > Config Files on the left hand navigation
  • Click on Server Settings
  • Next to Level Seed, enter your desired seed. Leave blank to use a random seed

    Level Seed

  • Click the Save Button at the bottom


Change the Level Type to FLAT land

  • Click on 'Files' > Config Files on the left hand navigation
  • Click on Server Settings
  • Change level-type from DEFAULT to FLAT to use the flat world level generation Click the Save Button at the bottom

  • You can also use LARGEBIOMES as a level type


Restart the server

  • In your main Server view, click on the Start button at the top


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