Installing and configuring NppFTP for Notepad++

The NppFTP plugin allows you to browse, download, edit and upload text files on your server.

Installing Notepad++

Download the installer from

Installing the NppFTP plugin

  • Open Notepad++
  • From the menu: Plugins>Plugin Manager>Show Plugin Manager
  • On the 'Available' tab: Scroll down and look for NppFTP
  • Click the check-box on the left
  • Click the 'Install' button
  • You may be asked to restart the application, click 'Yes'

Configuring the NppFTP plugin

  • From the menu: Plugins>NppFTP>Show NppFTP Window
  • In the NppFTP panel: Click the cog icon and choose 'Profile Settings'
  • Click the 'Add New' button
  • Enter a name for the profile and click 'OK'
  • In the 'Profiles' list, highlight the name of the profile you entered
  • In the 'Connection' tab enter the Host, Username and Password for your FTP connection (You can find those details in Multicraft: Files>FTP Access)
  • Click 'Close'

Using NppFTP

  • Click the blue 'Connect' icon and choose the name of the profile you made
  • NppFTP will attempt to connect to the FTP server and return a directory listing
  • Double-click a file to download a file to a local cache and open it in the editor
  • When you save a file in the cache, NppFTP will automatically upload it to the server

Configuring Notepad++ Tab settings for YAML files

By default pressing the 'Tab' key in a YAML file will insert a tab character. However, most YAML files used by Minecraft mods and plugins use a double-space to indent the text. Since YAML files use indentation to denote structure and heirarchy, it's a good idea to force Notepad++ to input 2 spaces instead of a tab when the tab key is pressed. This will help prevent YAML parsing errors.
  • Settings>Preferences
  • In the list on the left highlight 'Tab Settings'
  • Scroll down the list on the right, find and highlight 'yaml'
  • Un-check the 'Use default value' box
  • Check the 'Replace by space' box
  • Click on the number next to 'Tab size:'
  • In the box that appears, change the number to 2 and press enter
  • Click the 'Close' button

Now when you open a YAML file, the indents will be correctly displayed and when you press tab it will insert two spaces.

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