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How to use a Custom World Seed on a Minecraft Server

A seed decides what your Minecraft world will look like. In this guide we go through how to start a new world with a new seed.


  1. Important Steps
  2. Differences Between Seeds and Terrain Generators
  3. Changing the World Seed
  4. Further Reading & External Links
  5. StickyPiston Support

Important Steps

Changing a world seed affects all chunks. We always recommend starting a new world as changing the seed for an existing world will cause issues in your world generation.
You may find square islands and areas of land where the terrain suddenly changes biomes in a straight line. If you want to change your terrain generator, you can read: How To: Use an Alternate Terrain Generator.

Differences Between Seeds and Terrain Generators

Note: This is more of an informational section and is not required for you to change your seed, but it can be important to know the differences between the seed and the terrain generator and why they get mixed up frequently.

Seeds and terrain generators are often confused by people, which is understandable as they are related to each other. The biggest difference is the purpose of each of them.

  • Terrain generators create the overall features of the world as it is being explored
  • Seeds tell the generator what randomness to create the world with
  • If two players generate two worlds with the same seed, and the same terrain generator, they will get exactly the same world
  • If two players generate two worlds with the same seed and different terrain generators, they will get very different worlds
  • If two players generate two worlds with different seeds and the same terrain generator, the worlds will be different to each other

Changing the World Seed

These steps will take you through how to change your world's seed in such a way that it won't cause any problems in the world.

  1. Log into Multicraft and stop your server.
    The stop button in Multicraft
  2. We would highly recommend taking a backup of your world before resetting it, so that you can go back to your old world if you choose that you do not like the new world. How to Backup Your Minecraft Server World
  3. After taking a backup, you can change which world the server is loading, there are a few different ways of doing this, for more information or instructions on how to do these you can read: Starting a New World on your Server. Below are just some simplified ways of doing it without the instructions:
    • Renaming the world folder
    • Deleting the world folder
    • Changing the level-name property
  4. Once you have changed the world that is being loaded by the server, do not start the server yet. Go into the Server Configuration tab from the menu on the left.
    The left side menu with the Server Configuration tab.
  5. Scroll until you find the Level Seed menu. Input the seed that you want to use in the box, this can be anything, it will be converted to a number if you input a word, but it will still be the same seed.
    When you input a word as a seed, Minecraft will turn it to a number, but it will still be the same seed.
    (Example: ThisIsAnExampleSeed is the same as -8847240776383945455)

Further Reading and External Links

StickyPiston Support

If you have questions about this guide or our Minecraft services, open a support ticket and our dedicated team will be in touch.

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